Improve form usability with this tiny jQuery plugin that temporarily stores field values in HTML5 sessionStorage as users type.

A Quick Example

The example form below will store values in the form as you type or change them - so that if you refresh the page or navigate away and return, the things you entered will still be there. It clears when the user clears or submits the form, otherwise it will last until the browser window is closed.

Example Text Field

Example Number Field

Example Email Field

Example Radio Buttons
Yes No

Example Range Field

Example Color Field

Example Checkboxes
Option 1 Option 2

Example Select List

Example Select Multiple List

Example Date Field

Example Datetime (Local) Field

Example Month Field

Example Week Field

Example Time Field

Example Search Field

Example Tel Field

Example URL Field

Example Textarea


The code snippet below will get you where you need to go. Simply include jQuery, jquery.squirrel.min.js, and add a class of squirrel to your form.

For more information and advanced configuration options, head over to the wiki and look it up, or take the time while you're on Github to post an issue or request a feature!

Download Squirrel.js

Visit the project on Github for updates or just download the source and dig in!

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